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The Rourke Chronicles

Their story began long ago, in a different time and a different world; a world however, strangely similar to ours. Two men were thrust into a nightmare; one, a bespectacled nerd with no training, the other, a seasoned professional that had prophesized the end of his world.

Much has been written about the adventures of John Thomas Rourke, The Survivalist.  Here is their story, told by the man who was there, living the adventures alongside Rourke.  Paul places their story into historical perspective once and for all. The end of the world and its new beginnings are all told in Paul's own words.  It is not just a retelling of what happened; more, it is the story of friendship, valor and courage.  Not many people have John Rourke's fortitude or training.  Fewer still would have partnered up with someone with no training, no experience and no inkling of what might lie around the next bend in their journey. Paul Rubenstein was the common man; the Everyman.