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The Lonely Poet And Other Stories by Branka Čubrilo (Print)

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"Otto Visconti creates a theatre of the absurd in which he is the main character and the anti-hero, the victor and the victim, the celebrity and an irrelevant, obscure and insecure poet misplaced in an isolated and cold world created by his insecurities, obsessions and illusions, governed by the strange inner forces throwing him mercilessly into absurd situations and even more bizarre conclusions and outcomes.

He is the main protagonist and the narrator of his misfortunes in the first part of the collection.

The second part of the collection offers stories collected from Sydney to New York featuring odd characters in their constant search for meaning, for satisfaction, fulfillment or adventure. They chose unusual avenues in their pursuit of personal happiness; the avenues that often lead them astray."

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6x9 in
Literary Fiction
An SV Original Publication

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    Posted by on 9th Feb 2017

    Otto was a most troubling, complex individual for me to grapple with; I wasn't even sure I wanted to try!But the author's delicate touch and infinite patience as she sculpted her character pleaded on his behalf. She let him speak and he grew out of his demons.Branka's thinly concealed affection for her character shone through the skillful craftsmanship. She "listens" to all her characters and allows them to vent their infinite pettiness and epic grandeur alike. And we're offered both! The book exceeded my expectations in the sheer range of types that go to make up mankind. They are capable of "absolute empathy" as well as loathing, anger and selfishness. They are capable of extremes of both, judgement:"the woman who used to be my mother", and in feat:"...sucking blood and energy (until they bring on)...physical exhaustion. They are the sort who walk out into the streets and "cause traffic jams"! They can also be meek and even self-critical. Cynical, too, at times. They can be funny. And they're always larger-than-life. All of them ultimately embody and reveal to us a part of ourselves. Yet for all their epic faults, as if by some magical intervention or the author's endless mercy, noepic punishment is ever meted out to them. Life takes care of that...Aren't they, like us, victims of some Universal sport; toyed with by some swindle of Fate? And could that reference to Thomas Hardy in "Who Whispers Wisdom to Beatrix C?", be more than just a passing one? When everything is said and done, we're left with the inevitable open question about our own existence, to ponder over. And no one to blame, indeed! "Milan Cubrilo's smile" comes perhaps as a benign, albeit heart-rending reminder of that. But as always in Branka's writing, hope lies in waiting; indestructible, it too, larger-than-life. This is a book that requires insight and makes you reflect on things for weeks. It teaches you patience. Just as well, since beyond the book lies the Book of Life - and that takes up some time and thought!

  2. Fantastic Fun 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jun 2016

    The tragicomic farces of Otto Visconti completely grabbed my attention not from the first story but from the first sentence. The stories are hilarious, his character is so finely portrayed to make him both - likeable and irritating at the same time. Likeable because he is genuinely honest and a good human being and we could easily find the fragments of our own, deeply hidden, thoughts in the stream of his consciousness, in his insecurities and frustrations, and irritating because we fear to sympathise too deeply as we might uncover our own seeds of 'madness'. That is precisely how I felt whilst reading his thoughts, presumptions and conclusions based on unreasonable and unbalanced fears of inadequacy. Don't we all have a portion of his fears and concerns in our most intimate self-dialogue? Don't we all have the need to express exactly what we think and feel but are prevented by socially accepted behaviour, rules and mannerism? I see him in a way to be similar to Prince Myshkin coming back from the sanatorium to the 'real world', where, as we correctly expect it he couldn't, wouldn't and cannot fit in. He is an example of the perfect misfit.
    He really belongs to the fine company of Beckett's characters of the theatre of the absurd. He is a fine fellow from Pirandello's tales.
    The Other stories are plainly quirky: funny, surreal, a mixture of surrealism and an obscure reality, on the edge, always on the edge, so whilst reading I couldn't put it down. And that is due to Branka's writing style, her mastery lies in keeping the reader in constant anticipation, on the edge, wanting more. She is really a master of creating the character as all of her characters have a distinct personality and behave in a particular way until the reader truly and sincerely feels for those characters, and that is so evident in this collection, especially with Otto Visconti. I think Branka is a very fine and skilled writer which is something that is shown in all her works that I've read.
    Don't miss this excellent collection, the fun and quirkiness it offers is something that needs to be read - highly recommend!

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