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Max Allan Collins

maxallancollins.jpg Max Allan Collins – NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLING author
Max is a prolific American mystery writer who has been called "mystery's Renaissance man". He has written novels, screenplays, comic books, comic strips, trading cards, short stories, movies and historical fiction. He wrote the graphic novel Road to Perdition (which was developed into a film in 2002). He has also written two novel sequels to Road to Perdition - Road to Purgatory and Road to Paradise. He has also served as the creative consultant for a number of major productions, and has written books and comics based on the TV series franchise CSI. More recently, he has written a book, Buried Deep, based on the TV Series Bones.

Praise for Max Allan Collins

Fans of Collins (Road to Perdition) will be delighted to find him resurrecting Quarry, the ruthless hit-man he put to rest years ago, after six Quarry novels and a small handful of short stories. Now living and relaxing in the Minnesota woods, Quarry is lured out of retirement by a Chicago media magnate who wants a seemingly-harmless young librarian dead. But when he winds up falling for his target, one Janet Wright, Quarry begins second-guessing his assignment and experiences an uncharacteristic change of heart that almost gets him killed. Stemming from Collins' screenplay for the award-winning short film A Matter of Principal, this novel covers a lot of ground in a small space—a credit to the distinct, wry voice Collins has given Quarry, who doesn't waste anything, least of all words: "Louis cracked open the door and peered out and said, `What is it?' and I shot him in the eye." Compact enough to be read in a couple of sittings but bristling with suspense and sexuality, this book is a welcome addition to the Hard Crime Case library and, if there's any justice, will spark sales of Collins' back-catalogue titles.
Publishers Weekly

“Violent and volatile and packed with sexuality… classic pulp fiction”
USA Today (The First Quarry)

“Collins’ witty, hard–boiled prose would make Raymond Chandler proud.”
Entertainment Weekly (The First Quarry)

“As cool as an Eskimo Pie on a hot summer day and as sharp as a Ginsu knife.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (The First Quarry)

"Addictive as a jar of salted nuts."
Pulp Fiction Reviews (Quarry in the Middle)

"A lightning-fast-can't-put-it-down read."
Library Journal (Quarry in the Middle)

"Collins blends past and present seamlessly..."
Somebody Dies (Quarry in the Middle)

"There's sex, violence, humor, and plenty of little twists before you get to the end..."
—Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine (Quarry in the Middle)

"If the novels about hit-man Quarry continue to be this good, they may rival Max Allan Collins' most famous series, the Nathan Heller books."
—Ed Gorman Blog (Quarry in the Middle)

"No one—and I mean no one—does this better today than Collins."
Bookgasm (Quarry in the Middle)

"There is no end to the action and violence and no chance for the reader to put the book down for the night."
MostlyFiction (Quarry in the Middle)

"It's like a tight B movie that shows you just enough to keep everything moving and doesn't hesitate about kicking you in the teeth when you least expect it."
Bookhound (Quarry in the Middle)

"But what makes the Quarry books special is Collins' blend of criminal-minded procedure and slyness..."
Author Magazine (Quarry in the Middle)

"...we're in familiar territory here....The fact that Collins is ready to twist this around in new and unexpected ways is part of the fun of the ride.
—The Bleeding Tree (Quarry in the Middle)

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