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Francois Keyser

Francois Keyser Francois Keyser was originally born in Zimbabwe but grew up in South Africa after his family emigrated in 1980.

Francois learned to escape into books from an early age and always dreamed of becoming a published author.

But after completing his school education, Francois entered the corporate world and built a successful career in the financial services and medical assistance sectors which took him from South Africa to the Middle East and then to South East Asia where he met and married his wife with whom he has two beautiful daughters.

In 2010, Francois finally left the corporate world in order to pursue his passion to be an author.

The result was the children’s book series “The Junglies” which comprises of 11 books telling stories of the adventures of five jungle animals. “The Junglies” was inspired by Francois’ eldest daughter.

Francois followed this with another children’s book, “The Tickle Tree” and a self help book titled “Creating Personal Success – Take charge to reach for Your Stars.”

Francois is now working on his first book in the fantasy genre which is the book he has always wanted to write.

Francois currently lives in South Africa with his wife and two daughters and divides his time between his passions which are his family and writing.

Praise for Francois Keyser

"Tiger Loses His Stripes is a charming story about a group of jungle animals who learn what it means to be a true friend. Aga is devastated when he notices his stripes are missing. His cries alert his friends and they join him in the search. It isn't until the Jungle Man shows them the photo he snapped that they discover the truth. Tiger Loses His Stripes is an inspiring story that teaches little ones the importance of honesty and admitting when you're wrong. The illustrations are bright and colorful and children will find the animals appealing. Parents will also like the valuable lessons the story instills. I recommend picking up a copy."
—By Stacie Theis, 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com

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